BvS: Offical Poster of Jason Momoa as Aquaman

New Aqua Man

All I can say is wow! This new photo released today by Zack Snyder is absolutely amazing. Not only did Zack Snyder and co re-imagine Aquaman but made him look even more bad ass then the original. Aquaman for years has been the butt of many jokes as being absolutely useless and just confined to using his powers at sea. This Family Guy rendition of Aquaman is a perfect example of how people felt.

Years later after the success of Man of Steel, a cast was being setup for one big Justice League movie. When Jason Momoa was announced as Aquaman, we had to take a moment and think what could this mean, and how would he look as Aquaman. Would he cutting his hair short and how about dying is hair blonde? Well this photo sums everything up perfectly. This version of Aquaman fits the color palette and vision of what Zack Snyder and company are trying to accomplish with the DC properties. Marvel Comics as of right now have the bright and colorful palette already locked down with all of their successful movies. Going in the direction of a dark more realistic look towards the characters compared to Marvel was a great choice.

“Unite the Seven”, what could that mean? Could it mean Unite the Seven Seas? or Unite the 7 members of the Justice League? The team for DC’s cinematic universe already consists of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Cyborg. That would make two unannounced characters left. We have over 12 months before the movie comes out, so it wouldn’t be surprised if we get introduced to the other members of the Justice League. Flash will be a definite choice no doubt, maybe the seventh is Green Lantern or Green Arrow? I guess we have to stay tuned.

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