Did Batman v Superman Trailer Reveal Too Much?

Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. Studios are doing an amazing job with the marketing for the upcoming film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. It all started with the leaked comic-con footage in 2014 where the attending audience received their first glimpse of Batman in his mech-suit armor adjusting the bat signal. When the bat signal light finally revealed itself in the night sky, you can see Superman floating where the bat signal should be, staring down Batman with his infamous red glowing eyes. Just by hearing the fans reaction in the audience, you knew we had something.

Then came the official San-Diego Comic Con trailer which released in the summer of 2015, completely blew the top off of every DC Comic fan. We got to finally see Superman after the events of Man of Steel, being put on trial and being questioned for not only being an Alien but for the destruction of Metropolis. We find out that Bruce Wayne had one of the buildings he owned destroyed and lost people he knew very well. And that’s where things pick up steam. In the trailer we see Superman hunting down Batman because he is a vigilante terror in Gotham and we see Batman going after Superman because he is a threat to the existence of the human race.

Superman Heat Laser Vision

The previous trailer gave us all the ingredients we were looking for that told us Batman was going to fight Superman, just like in the Dark Knight Returns comic book series. Then came the newest trailer for Batman v Superman. When Marvel Studios released their Captain America: Winter Soldier trailer, it seemed like to me Zack Snyder and co felt cornered. With the release of a new Dawn of Justice trailer in December 2015, not only did the trailer open up perfectly but as it hit the quarter end mark, too much was given away. I’m not even talking about the Doomsday part where I thought his reveal/intro was pretty cool, I’m talking about the moment Batman and Superman had together. A few scenes ago you were just fighting and trying to kill each other, now all of a sudden you guys are buddy buddy and kicking it with Wonder Woman. For the casual movie goer, that part was really confusing and for everyone else, that was a big slap on our face.

Zack Snyder had the opportunity to keep the focus on the Batman Superman conflict and just leave everything else to the imagination, for fans to guess who will win or how they both will eventually team up. None-the-less, I feel that even though so much was revealed in the trailer below, so much is still being held back from us. Zack Snyder has a lot in-store and many easter-eggs which have yet to be revealed. We still have 3 other justice league members to reveal (Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman) so get ready.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will release in theaters March 25, 2016. If you haven’t seen the trailer already, enjoy below.

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