Dragon Ball Super will extend the Dragon Ball Universe 2015

Dragon Ball Super

A new Dragon Ball series was announced by Akira Toriyama and it’s called Dragon Ball Super. It will release in Japan this summer (2015) and is looking to be a blast.

Because of the success of Battle of Gods and the newly released movie Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection of F (Frieza), Akira Toriyama has decided to give fans more of what they want.

Both movies are Canon to the existing Dragon Ball series. In case you don’t know what “canon” means, it simply means that if it happened in the Manga, then it is officially apart of the Story. All the previous Dragon Ball Z movies that included characters like Broili, Cooler, Jeneba, Lord Slug, etc. and even the entire Dragon Ball GT series are not officially apart of the story-line. This gives creator Akira Toriyama the option of either adding these characters in the existing story through the new “Super” series or through movies that like Battle of Gods and Resurrection of F.

In my opinion this is great news, especially since Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince has been given more priority in the series. Hopefully Goten and Trunks continue their adventures together and grow up to be powerful Saiyans, unlike in GT. And maybe we will see Pan be the first female Super Saiyan character. Only time will tell.

Dragon Ball Super will continue where DBZ left off after Goku with the help of Vegeta and Hercule defeats Majinn Buu and save the world. With their being 12 powerful Gods in total (mentioned in Battle of Gods movie), this new series will add onto the already long and successful 18 year history that the Dragon Ball series has.

Stay tuned for more news as it comes. Thanks for reading.

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