Dragon Ball Z Movie OVA – Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans

This OVA (Official Video Animation) was released exclusively for the video game ‘Raging Blast 2’. This movie extends and deepens the Dragon Ball universe even more with the introduction of Dr. Raichi who is one of the survivors of the Tsufruians from Planet Plant.

The reason for Dr. Raichi’s uprising is because the Saiyan race in the past (Planet Vegeta era) came to there planet and whiped out the entire Tsufruian Race. Not only that but all the spoils from the invasion such as technology and resources became in possession of the Saiyans. The planet then officially became the new Planet Vegeta.

Raichi’s plan was simple, destory everything on planet earth, including the Saiyans. With the help of this new android powered villain called Hatchiyack who’s power level exceeds Legendary Super Saiyan Broily, will planet earth be destroyed? One way to find out, stay tuned!


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