First Episode Of Courage The Cowardly Dog

What a perfect name for the dog named Courage who is nick named ‘The Cowardly Dog’ because every little thing scared him, but some how he was ‘brave’ enough to fight for his family. Whether it be a threat from an alien invasion or mysterious unknown forces, Courage always found away to fight back. This is one of those 90 cartoons you either love or hate, in my case love. How could you forget that classy line ‘You Stupid Dog!’, you just can’t. Cartoons of the 90s are long gone but NEVER forgotten.

Here’s the 1st episode of Courage The Cowardly Dog.


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  • However, there are quite a few anime that have no character depth or plot and vice versa, many titheracal cartoon films are full of depth and plot. Just like you have anime geared exclusively for children while you have cartoons geared exclusively for adults and cartoons that cover social/political and cultural grounds.Not knowing about them doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Not all cartoons are meant for children and in recent years the percentage of shows aimed at older audiences has been steadily increasing.The bottom line is this; If America made a cartoon that was identical to what you know as anime, would it suddenly become anime? I mean, all the elements are there, the only difference is that it is not Japanese in origin.That is not to say I don’t make a distinction between the 2, but it is not due to its art style or story lines.Also, Newy- yea I am pretty sure you are thinking of Betty Boop, and much of early Japanese animation emulated the Disney shows of the era.

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