Guts as Black Swordsman in new Berserk Anime Project


Well what do you know, it looks like Berserk is finally returning to a screen near you. It has been announced in the 2016 issue of Young Animal magazine that a new anime series from the Kentarou Miura’s Berserk manga will be coming soon in the very near future.

Berserk Black Armor

NBA Universal will be the company to show off the brand new Berserk adaptation in a promotional video at this years winter Comiket booth (Dec 29 – 31). Whether the show will be a new movie or anime series is still unknown. Once the video releases, we will all know for sure.

In the Young Animal magazine, Kentarou Miura says that he will reveal Guts in a “Black Swordsman” appearance. This look will only be revealed in parts of the Manga and will go even further past the previous anime series (from the past).

While fans here in the United States continue to enjoy the Berserk series released by Dark Horse Comics, everyone will be delighted to know that the entire 1997 Berserk anime series will be remastered in HD for Bluray. You can expect the boxset to hit stores in Japan on April 20th.

As more information and video arises, we will keep you posted. Thanks for reading.

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