More Photos from Naruto The Final Movie


As we get closer to the release date of Naruto The Last Movie, more photos begin to surface. From the looks of it, Naruto has his right arm in cast after losing it during the final battle he had with Sasuke. Both Sasuke and Naruto used there favorite finishing moves (Chidori and Rasengan) which ended up costing them both of there arms. Of course at some point in time they both would get their arms back with all the medical healing jutsu there are in the shinobi world.

All the characters look very cool to say the least. What the final movie will be about? We won’t know until its released. All I know is, it will be very exciting to see how all the villages look now and how all the characters have evolved from the battle they fought against Uchiha Madara and Kaguya.

Naruto Poster

Toneri - Last Movie

Choji - Last Movie Hinita - Last Movie Ino - Last Movie Kakashi - Last Movie Naturo - Last Movie Sakura - Last Movie Sasuke - Last Movie Shikimaru - Last Movie

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