Official Dragon Ball Z 2013 Movie Poster – Battle Of Gods

Looks to me DBZ is going to continue to ride off its success as one of the most popular anime series of all time. In this movie coming out in March 2013, it looks like Goku and the gang will be facing off against so called ‘Gods’. Telling from the poster, these ‘Gods’ are sporting Egyptian clothing and relics. Another series that dived into Egyptian mythology was Yu-Gi-Oh.

Egyptian Mythology was more than just a time where people believed in Gods that represented our solar system such as the Sun, Moon, Saturn and the Stars. It is also a path followed by Masons all over the world. I mention this because hopefully this movie doesn’t dive too much into sacrifices and ‘possessions’ and just focus on what Dragon Ball Z was meant to be about which is super epic fighting scenes!

Another question people may be asking is… whats up with Gohan? I thought he is now Mystic Gohan? My guess is his Mystic Powers has been stripped away by one of the ‘Gods’ . That question can be officially answered with the release of this movie. Only a few months away, can’t wait!

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