The Original Power Puff Girls – Episode 1

I don’t know about you but I can honestly say that the original Power Puff Girls was one of the most unique cartoons I have ever seen when I was younger. The art style was perfect for the cartoon and everything about this cartoon represented originality. The fact that this is about 3 elementary school aged girls with super powers alone was enough for any cartoon network (pun intended) to give the green light on this series.

The remake of The Power Puff Girls in Japanese which is titled ‘Power Puff Girls Z’ doesn’t impress me one bit. It is watered down in every which way. The series belonged in the hands of a better Japanese Anime director who emphasizes action and comedy in a better way.

In this case, the original beats the flawed remake. Episode 1 was not my favorite of the series but still was great. Check it out for yourself right here!


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