The Simpsons & Family Guy Cross-Over Episode Trailer

The Simpsons vs Family Guy

Fans of both The Simpsons and Family finally get the cross-over episode they have been waiting for. Both shows are very successful in their own right and has spawned millions of dollars for the fox network. It was no surprise when they announced that this was happening at this years  San Diego Comic Con. The 5 minute trailer shows just enough to wet the appetite of millions of viewers of both shows.

And for those who are a fan of one show and not the other, this is the perfect cross promotion marketing to bridge the viewer gap. I grew up watching The Simpsons and enjoyed it for many years in my child hood. But once Family Guy hit the air waves and I was much older, The antics of the Griffins and friends were a lot more entertaining and creative. Either way, I expect a great episode later this fall.

Enjoy the trailer!

Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson

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