Anime Music Videos At It’s Finest: Naruto Technique Beat


The days when AMV (Anime Music Videos) were very popular and booming is now over but is never forgotten. All it took was a simple idea such as choosing scenes from your favorite anime, a very cool and pumping song and video software such as Adobe After Effects and you were off to the races creating a great video. The concept was simple so everyone who had the time and computer was doing it. But not every AMV turned out to be great. The majority of AMVs fail to capture any imagination or doesn’t deliver a good story, others didn’t know how to match up a beat to certain scenes within there video.

Videos such as this one (Naruto Technique Beat) was for sure paving the path to what could be considered a very popular trend that would last for years and years. Despite Youtube passing copyright laws on music published on their servers which put a dent into fan AMVs, great videos such as this continue to exist.

This video gets a 10 out of 10 because of its creativity, concept and song choice. What do you think?

Video by: Decoy
Song: Seizure of Power

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