Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Review

One of the most divisive movies of the year has released on digital format and in my opinion was the much better version compared to it’s theater counterpart. Why would Warner Bros. studio butcher the theatrical release of this movie is beyond me. In my opinion, that was the absolute wrong decision. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition is the movie every comic book fan should watch whether they hated the theater version or not.

The movie has amazing visuals and can not be considered your typical comic book movie like the Avengers. BvS was more for adults than for children to enjoy. The theater version had bad pacing issues and was not so easy to follow. Many scenes were cut from the final version of the movie all to keep the run-time low. Because of that, many people had trouble keeping up or understanding certain motivations of each character. In my review below, I will breakdown why the Ultimate Edition of Batman v Superman is the movie to purchase and add to your digital collection.

Lex Bruce and Clark

The bases of the entire movie was the manipulation of Batman and the American people to go against Superman. With everyone against Superman, Clark Kent would begin to question and even doubt himself which would coincidentally help further Lex Luther’s plan. Lex is a perfect example of someone with money who hold’s absolute power by being able to pull certain strings in order to get what he wants and to achieve his goals. Lex Luther’s character in this movie may seem psychotic and make it seem like he is off his rocker but Lex is actually brilliant and is a mastermind in his motives.

The movie opens up with a scene from Man of Steel where Superman is battling Zod. During the fight, Bruce Wayne arrives on the scene to see the people he cares about most die in Wayne Tower. During this moment, Bruce Wayne feels absolutely helpless which triggers some sort of break mentally where he now becomes obsessed with finding a way to kill Superman. The plot for Batman to fight Superman was setup from the very beginning, Luther knew that one of Superman’s main weaknesses was his fondness for Louis Lane. And Luther also knew that Bruce Wayne would also want to seek revenge on Superman for killing his people.

Through out the movie Bruce Wayne is in pursuit of a weapon that Lex Luther is trying import into the country. Because Lex could not receive any legal jurisdiction, he hires a team of mercenaries to carry out his goal. You can easily say that Lex Luther and his organization has grown so powerful that like the NSA organization, he has complete surveillance of everything that is happening in the United States, that includes knowing the true identity of Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, and any other meta-human in existence. Because Lex has so much knowledge and money, he pulls certain strings to obtain the body of Zod and the ship that crashed during the battle in Man of Steel.

What wasn’t so clear in the theatrical version which now is crystal clear in the ultimate version was how Superman was setup to look like the villain. All the events that happened from the beginning of the movie towards the mid-point was to have everyone hate Superman including Bruce Wayne. To get Superman to face-off against Batman to the death, Lex had to kidnap Clark’s mother Martha Kent. Bruce Wayne was manipulated by the fact that one of his workers who in the beginning of the movie who lost his legs from Wayne Tower collapsing, is the same guy on TV who was killed in the bombing at one of the senate hearings. Once again, Bruce feels helpless but this time enraged and focused on his goal. Lex Luther knew by having this man killed would push Bruce over the edge and to get him to kill Supes.

Batman Preptime

Right after the death of one of his employees who he himself couldn’t save, Batman took no time in breaking into Lex Corp, stealing the kyrpotonite which would allow him to forge weapon’s that would bring Superman down. Once again, Batman with prep-time, like in the comic books and animated cartoons is almost unbeatable. After days of training and preping, Batman is ready and shines the bat-signal calling out Superman. Because of the ultimatum Lex Luther gave Superman, Clark has no other choice but to convince Batman that he is being played or to bring Luther his head. In one of the most epic battles in comic book history, Batman and Superman squares-off. With Superman getting the upper hand in the match, Batman takes over by using Kryptonite to beat the kyptonion.

Before Batman get’s the chance to kill Superman with a Kryptonite spear, Clark Kent utters the word’s “Martha”. Those words alone stunned Bruce Wayne as he begins to have flash backs of his mother’s death and his father uttering his last words… “Martha”. Realizing that he had been consumed with darkness and had fallen down the dark path that his parents murder had become, he gains a moment of clarity and unites with Superman, vowing to save his mother by saying “Martha will not die tonight”. Many people didn’t understand that point of the movie, by realizing that both mothers shared the same name humanized Batman and helped him to realize what he is truly fighting for.

Superman vs Doomsday

In the mist of their fighting, Lex Luther was creating a creature called Doomsday from Zod’s body and by using some of his blood in the Kryptonian Ship. When Superman confronts Lex, it’s already to late and the battle ensues. Diana on her way out of the country see’s the battle ensuing on the monitor on the plane and leaves to join the battle. Batman heads to where Martha Kent is being held captive and fights off a small army of trained mercenaries in an abandoned warehouse. In my opinion, this is the best batman fight scene on screen you will ever see in your life. Batman is a skilled fighter and actually uses the gadgets from his utility belt to take down foes. Unlike the Nolan Batman, this Batman is what you grew up seeing from the animated cartoons and the arkham asylum video games.

After saving Martha Kent, Batman heads over to the battle where Superman is fighting Doomsday. Doomsday during is evolving state after his brief fight in outerspace with superman begins to wreak havoc in Metropolis. Because of the nuke Superman took to the face, he is temporarily knocked out, floating in orbit. Batman’s plan is to lure Doomsday back to Gotham City where the kryptonite spear is located. In the mist of evading Doomsday’s beams, the bat jet gets hit and Batman finds himself locked into a corner. Doomsday knowing that he has the kill shot had an opening to obliterate him with his laser beams. In the nick of time, Wonder Woman arrives on the scene to deflect the blast saving Batman. This struggle gives Superman enough time to recover by absorbing the energy from the sun and join in the battle.

Batman Superman Wonder Woman

All three knowing that Doomsday will not die that easy because he continues to evolve and become more stronger, have to resort to the last option which is to use the spear. Superman takes it upon himself to pickup and drive the Kryptonite spear through the heart of Doomsday. The enemy is clever and knowing death is imminent drives his mutated spiked hand right through the chest of Supes. People question why he couldn’t of tossed the spear, in my opinion he was just too far away to have an accurate shot and could not muster up enough strength because of the green rock to toss it effectively. In the end Superman sacrificed himself for the good of humanity and for a chance for Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince to unite the other meta-humans in the threat that is on the way.

The final shot on Superman’s casket shows that he will rise again, just like he did in the comic books. As Zack Snyder (director of Batman v Superman) mentioned, he wants Supes to go through a death and rebirth cycle. Will the resurrection of Superman be a good thing? Based on the sequence where The Flash visited Bruce Wayne to forewarn him of the future, he may have been warning about either a dark Superman or another threat related to Superman. Louis Lane is the key.

I give this movie a 9 out of 10. Definitely a movie many adults who love comic book movies will enjoy. For those looking for a beautiful shot movie with a great story, this is the movie for you. Unfortunately not everyone will like this movie because of the doom and gloom feel, but if you can put that aside and watch this film, you can appreciate this work of art that Zack Snyder and co has provided.

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