Bleach: Ichigo Goes Bankai For The 1st Time

In the hit anime series Bleach, Ichigo Kurosaki goes Bankai for the 1st time when he faces off against Byakuya.

If your new to the series, Ichigo is a human who became a Soul Reaper (Shinigami) after being stabbed with a sword by Rukia who transferred some of her powers over to him. After becoming a Shinigami, Ichigo continued to play his new role by protecting humans from evil spirits.

As the series progress Ichigo as well as everyone else begins to realize that he is more than just human and that he is ‘special’. Almost like Goku (from Dragon Ball Z) Ichigo continues to get stronger and discovers new found abilities. In the scene below, he gets a significant boost in power when he goes ‘Bankai’, (Dragon Ball Z’s equivalent to going Super Saiyan).

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