Character Designer Hyung-tae Kim (Dec 2015)

Character Designer

The artist of the month (December 2015) goes to Hyung-tae Kim, who is a Korean artist/character designer. Kim was born on February 7, 1978 in Seol, South Korea and is married to Jiyun Chae. Kim is well known for his beautiful and well re-known artwork for the War of Genesis video game series and Magna Carta. These video game titles came out solely for PC, but later in the years got exported to other game consoles like Xbox. Today he is art director of video game Blade & Soul.

Hyung-tae Kim’s manhwa art style looks simply breath-taking. Each character he designs looks dynamic in structure and physical appearance. What makes his artwork really stand out is how detailed he is with the human body and anatomy. Kim’s style is very unique compared to other artist, his use of colors and mastery of the brush stroke is absolutely amazing.

Below are just a few photos from his massive library of work.

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