DBZ Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta

It really is a shame that Vegeta the Prince of all saiyan’s had to resort to using witch craft (from Babidi) to help him transform into Super Saiyan level 2 in order to be on equal grounds with Goku. Vegeta’s pure desperation to become the best and the most powerful shows that he willing to do what ever it takes, even if that means selling his very own soul.

The positive side in all of this (minus Vegeta blowing up half the stadium full of people) is that Vegeta gave up is goal for becoming immortal and ruling the galaxy and focused on just becoming stronger then Goku. It’s kinda like that annoying little brother that follows you around and tries to blame you for everything. well… sorta.

This fight scene almost tops the very 1st duel between Goku and Vegeta, but now in this battle they are both Super Saiyans. Goku of course did not what to fight Vegeta, but in the end everyone knew it was a front, Goku never turns down the opportunity for a great fight, especially against Vegeta. Proof that Goku really desired to fight Vegeta again is when Goku revealed in front of Buu that he can go Super Saiyan 3. What a big slap in the face that was… All that hard work an effort Vegeta put into being possessed by Babidi was all for nothing… Goku could had transformed to level 3 anytime he wanted an embarrassed Vegeta. But then again, big brother doesn’t want little brother to feel inferior now does he?

At the end of the day, this battle was awesome. Less emphasize on the explosions were made and more focus on the hand to hand combat we all love to see from Dragon Ball Z. Vegeta reveals a lot of emotion in this fight, showing that he is a changed individual. Goku almost takes pity on him, you can even go to the extremes and say Goku let Vegeta knock him out lol.

Anyway, enjoy the great rematch in the history of  Dragon Ball Z… Super Saiyan 2 Goku vs Majin Vegeta.


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