Disney’s Frozen Bluray-DVD Review

Disney’s Frozen is Directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee and Produced by Peter Del Vecho. The story is inspired from “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christan Anderson.

Frozen, slackly based on Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale The Snow Queen is a story of empowerment and sisterly love as Princess Anna decides without a second thought to follow her sister who has accidentally thrown the kingdom into an endless winter after her powers were discovered. In this journey she will be accompanied by a funny, little, talking snowman and an awkward and lovely man and his reindeer.

One of the things I loved the most about this film Frozen was that the “act of true love” was between the two sisters, who love each other unconditionally, and not towards some “prince” she barely knew. I loved the reaction of Elsa to Anna’s intentions to marry a man she just met, which is pretty much the end in every single Disney movie involving princesses. The relationship between Elsa and Anna is the essence of the film, from their early days escaping to play with Elsa’s magical gift to the climactic act of sisterly love.


I loved the feminism in this movie and how Disney is progressing step by step, letting aside their usual misogynist way of telling princesses’ stories, and their very plain women characters. In this one, male characters were pushed to a second level. And though I liked the movie a lot it was disappointing the lack of a great villain, which Disney normally delivers big time.

At least the animation is beautiful. The snow and ice effects are outstanding as is the design of Elsa’s palace of ice. In a time where we can do whatever the hell we want with CGI it is pretty impressive that artists can still surprise and delight an audience.

The music was great too. “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” is one of my favorite songs from an animated film ever. So beautiful and heartbreaking, and it happened within the first ten minutes of the movie. I knew I was going to love it then, and it didn’t disappoint. (“For the First Time in Forever” was really catchy.)

Frozen maybe isn’t alongside the studio’s true greats but it is definitely a must see.


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