Does Akira Toriyama Have Bigger Plans for Gohan?

Dragon Ball Super Episode 22

If you are a big Dragon Ball fan and have watched the entire Z saga, you already know that Gohan since he was a kid had the ultimate potential to become the strongest Z fighter on the entire show. He actually achieved that level of being the strongest during the Cell Saga. We all felt for Gohan and enjoyed when he powered up to Super Saiyan level 2 form where in power made Cell look like an infant child.

After the Cell Saga, all of that power that Gohan had started to slowly diminish. He became more active in his studies, found a new girlfriend, and became the ultimate mommy’s boy. Despite all of that, we all held some kind of hope that his new lifestyle has not diminished his power. When we started to find out during the tournament in the Buu Saga that Gohan hasn’t been focusing on his training, everything went down hill from their.

Future of Trunks

Gohan redeemed himself momentarily during the Buu saga when he achieve his Mystic or “Ultimate” Powers and easily man-handled Buu, but obviously a raise in power doesn’t increase fighting IQ like Goku and Vegeta. After Gohan gets reduced to an average fighter and Goku saves the day, years later in the brand new series Dragon Ball Super, in episode 22, we see that Gohan can not even match form 1 Freeza. He even gets humiliated and forced to kneel before the evil emperor.

A question that is on everyone’s mind is, does Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball) have any plans for Gohan in later episodes? Will Gohan return to greatness? As a major fan of the show, I find it very dis-heartening to see Gohan like this. I understand you have more priorities an all but earth needs someone to protect it while Vegeta and Goku are exploring the universe. We seen how bad-ass you were in the Future of Trunks movie, we would like to have that Gohan back (of course with Goku’s power).

Now that Pan-chan is born, maybe Gohan can regrow a pair and become inspired again. Fight and train harder not just to protect earth but also your family. We’ll see what Akira Toriyama has in-store for Gohan’s future, for now we are completely enjoying Dragon Ball Super and excited to see how far the show progresses.

Cell Saga

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