Dragon Ball Super Episode 131: Jiren vs Goku, Frieza & 17 Final Fight

The arc finale of Dragon Ball Super ends with a big bang attack! Universe 7’s remaining fighters Goku, Android 17, and Frieza take on Jiren in a final clash of the titans. With both Goku and Jiren weakened from their previous amazing battle against each other, the fate of each teams respective universe rests on a one last ditch effort.

During the first encounter when Goku unleashed Ultra Instinct against Jiren, it was a climactic battle between the two. Because Ultra Instinct is a new technique and can currently only be unlocked when your about to faint or die, Goku would have to rely on the rest of the team at the end to become victorious.

The artwork for this entire episode was phenomenal and the action is definitely something to remember. All four remaining fighters definitely get their props and respect from all dragon ball fans alike.

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