Dragon Ball Super: Beerus vs All Gods of Destruction (Animated Manga)

This video is a perfect example why the manga sometimes is way better than it’s anime counterparts. In this sequence, during the tournament of power in the Dragon Ball Super manga, Lord Beerus takes on all the Gods of Destruction. We get to see everyone’s power and their absolute destructive force.

In the anime, all of this takes before the first encounter between Goku vs Jiren. In that fight all of the Gods of Destruction get a glance at how powerful mortals can be, especially Saiyans when the battle and push themselves past their limits.

Interestingly enough, we get to see how powerful Beerus truly is. Not only did he take on all of the Gods of Destruction, be he has shown the ability to use Ultra Instinct (where the body attacks and defends without thinking). If we could get this fight scene animated, it would be an amazing fan-service.

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