Dragon Ball Z Revival of Frieza: Frieza’s New Form Revealed

Frieza Jinn Mode

Frieza has done it folks, not only has he been resurrected, but also given the ability to go into God/Jinn mode which even’s the playing field against Goku’s God ascension form. In the trailer we see that Goku get’s man handled by Frieza and may need the help of Vegeta to prevent Frieza from once again reigning terror across the universe.

In my opinion, I believe that Vegeta will eventually go God mode and assist Goku in defeating this menace. A real cool feature if added is if Goku and Vegeta can fuse together while in God mode as a last resort option and defeat Frieza once in for all.

The fact that Frieza was able to be revived tells us that the DBZ universe can continue to be expanded beyond belief. This of course is great news for all of us fans. Dragon Ball Z: Revival of Frieza appears in Japanese theaters in April 2015. Enjoy the trailer below.

DBZ Frieza's Final Transformation

Frieza Laughing his ass off

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