Family Guy And Simpsons Entertainment Weekly Covers

Family Guy and Simpsons

The promo campaign for The Simpsons and Family Guy cross over episode continues with Entertainment Weekly releasing magazine covers featuring characters from both shows. The drawing above is particularity interesting because it’s a cartoon drawing of both creators of each individual show. Seth for Family and Matt for The Simpsons.

This cross over has been talked about for years. Both shows have loyal fan bases and some of those fan bases don’t like the competing or opposite show. This makes for a greater opportunity for the creators and producers of each show to capitalize on each others fan base once this episode finally airs. I expect this airing to be an absolute success, especially in my eyes because I love both shows. Grew up watching The Simpsons and eventually stumbled upon Family Guy in my later years.

How big do you think the airing of this show will be?

Family Guy & The Simpsons

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