Family Guy – Mario Saves Princess Peach from Bowser

Many have come to grow and love Mario since his 1st reveal against Donkey Kong where he fought his way to rescue the princess for many years. With the release of Nintendo NES the same concept was created but more in an adventure / 2D platform game. Mario would have to fight his way through turtles, mushroom heads, evil bullet heads and venus fly trap plants, can’t forget that annoying turtle on the floating cloud! But then at the end of every world, Mario would have to go toe to toe against Bowser in order to save Princess Peach. Why she keeps getting caught? Who knows! Maybe she is a ditz or has no common sense at all.

But when it really comes down to it, what was Mario’s reward for years of servitude and for years for risking is very own life? This plumber deserves more… a simple kiss would had sufficed, even marriage? And will we ever see Princess Peach’s father the king? Maybe he would had rewarded Mario some how.

Let see what Seth Macfarlene’s interpretation of Mario rescuing the Princess is all about:


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