Female Broly: The Powerful Female Super Saiyan Named Kale

Fans of the Dragon Ball series were in for a treat in more ways than one. One of the most popular villains of Dragon Ball Z is none other than the Legendary Super Saiyan named Broly. Known for his destructive power and ever increasing strength, Broly ran through our Z heroes like they were nothing. Because of his menacing power and the fact that he is a Saiyan, he was given three movies during Dragon Ball Z reign.

Female Broly - Kale Legendary Super SaiyanThough Broly was featured in three movies, those movies were not canon (not apart of the official Dragon Ball Z timeline). What better way to provide fan-service to everyone who watches Dragon Ball Z was by re-introducing a character similar in looks and power. We get that character and her name is Kale. Kale is a female Saiyan from Universe 6 and is featured in the latest series called Dragon Ball Super.

Kale’s transformation during the tournament of power surprised many as she transformed into what everyone called a ‘Female Broly’. If the Legendary Super Saiyan had a female sister, it would most definitely be Kale. When transformed in her berserk Super Saiyan state, Kale looks exactly like Broly. She takes on the bulky, muscular appearance, green powering up aura, and hateful rage. On top of everything else, she has a power level that continues to grow.

Even though Broly isn’t canon, we still get a Female Broly (Kale) which a lot of fans were excited to see. The possibilities of seeing Broly return to the series may be possible because of Dragon Ball Heroes. The new series is re-introducing many of the Non-Canon (movie villains) back in the fold such as Lord Slug, Kooler, and others. In the Dragon Ball Heroes video game cut-scenes, we get to see Broly go beyond Legendary Super Saiyan. Who says he won’t during the new anime series. Only time will tell.

Female Broly - Kale Super Saiyan

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