First Look at Popeye The Animated Film

Sony Animation

“Well blow me down” Looks like Popeye will be getting his first fully featured animated cartoon film. This popular character has had a long resume when it comes to classic cartoons. Having this brought back to life will be amazing by Sony Animation will be amazing. Let’s not forget that Robin Williams played Popeye in a live action movie in the past which was pretty cool for what it was.

The great part of the video below is the process being shown of how this animated film was being created. As the director Genndy Tartakovsky discusses the film, you can see the story board sketches and the touch screen tablets for drawing. For those who are looking to pursue a career in computer animation, this is where you begin.

Can’t wait for the official announcement for this film, definitely look awesome so far.

Olive Oil from Popeye

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