Gohan’s Fighting Spirit Return’s! Re-Awakens His Mystic Power

The creators and producers who brought us Dragon Ball Z and now Dragon Ball Super has listened to the wishes of fan’s. With the help of his father Piccolo, Gohan’s fighting spirit has finally returned. The way Dragon Ball Super was playing out from the start, it looked as if it was all over for Gohan. After being nerfed in power and beat down by Frieza, all fans of the show could do is nod their head in disappointment.

Gohan had given up the life of fighting to be a family man and a great scholar like his mother Chi Chi always wanted. Little did Gohan know that the planet, no scratch that, the Universe is often in danger. If you want to protect your family, it is time to step up to the plate and return to greatness like you once were before.

Dragon Ball Super episode 88 was not only fan service to all the Gohan fan’s but also an excellent episode overall. Piccolo continues to show why he is the smartest character on the show and why he’s best fit to training & mentoring Gohan. The universal battle royal tournament is underway, we shall look forward to Gohan going beyond the mystic (ultimate) transformation. If anyone can surpass Vegito in power, it’s definitely Gohan.

Gohan's Fighting Spirit Return's: Re-Awakens His Mystic Power

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