Goku Transforms into Super Saiyan God Blue Kaioken

The popular series Dragon Ball Super continues to live up-to it’s name by upping the ante with newer and more exciting battles. During the God Tournament between Beerus and Champa (Egyptian God’s in the form of Anubis), Goku takes on an opponent named Hit who can speed up his movements up to half a second faster than any known being in any of the 12 known universes (including Beerus and Whis). In order for Goku to counter this “improvement” by his opponent, Goku must surpass his current level of Super Saiyan Blue by going beyond it. In order for Goku to match or even become better and faster than Hit, he re-activates the infamous Kaioken technique. The last time we all seen the technique used is when Goku fought Vegeta in the Saiyan Saga.

The clip below not only shoes Goku activating Kaioken in Super Saiyan Blue form but going Kaioken x10! Enjoy the short clip.

Episodes of Dragon Ball Super is current not available for purchase yet but you can catch classic Dragon Ball Z episodes here.

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