Goku vs Saitama Part 9 – Season Finale

MaStar Media has done it again and delivered another action packed episode that will leave you craving for more. In episode 9 of the season finale, the show continues where episode 8 left off and that is when Goku ascends beyond Super Saiyan Blue and goes Super Saiyan White after witnessing the death of Vegeta. Goku’s form is limited and he only has a small window to power-up and defeat Omni Goku Black. With the help of Saitama (One Punch Man), both characters have to defeat their foe in order to save the entire multiverse.

Be sure to catch all 9 episodes on MaStar Media’s Youtube channel or watch one of the previous battles between Goku vs Saitama here on Animated Cartoons. Enjoy the video below.

New DBZ Villain

Goku and Saitama

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