Dragon Ball Z: Goku vs Vegeta (Saiyan Saga Ocean Dub)

DBZ Kamehameha vs Galick Gun

Here we have the epic battle where Goku faces off against Vegeta for the 1st time. In this scene Goku shows that he possesses the potential to go Super Saiyan when he was able to continually max out the power of the ‘Kai-O-Ken’, which is a super power up technique that gives the user a major boost up in strength, speed and power!

Vegeta who is considered a Saiyan Elite already possessed a higher power level than Goku. But not because of all the battles Vegeta fought but because he was born that way. Some Saiyans like Vegeta are very fortunate enough to be born with higher power levels. But some other saiyans are less fortunate. Despite Goku being born as a low class Saiyan, he held the bloodline of the first Legendary Super Saiyan which is his father, Bardock. Because of that note, Goku would inevitably  become the strongest character in the series.

Back to the fight… The original ‘Ocean Dub’ of Dragon Ball Z I would have to say was the best ever. The voice overs were near perfection and matched all the characters in every way. Especially Vegeta’s voice here in this scene where you can actually hear all the emotions going through him at the time. The current shows (that play on tv today), Vegeta voice is ‘good’ only because we all were forced to listen to it and grow accustomed to it.

It was refreshing to see these 2 (Goku and Vegeta) both go at it without being Super Saiyans for once. The animations and special effects literally blow you away. If you were sitting in a completely dark room all you would be seeing is bright colorful lights, especially through this scene where Goku’s Kamehameha is pushing against Vegeta’s Galick Gun. Thank You Ocean Dub for the great memories!

DBZ Vegeta Powering Up Galick Gun

DBZ Goku Powering Up The Kamehameha


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