Goku’s Limit Breaker: Goku Unleashes & Masters Ultra Instinct

After the first showdown between Goku and Jiren, during the tournament of power, Goku was able to hit his limit breaker a few times. After going Ultra Instinct the 2nd time against Kefla, Goku still had not mastered the new technique.  It wasn’t until Goku stepped up and faced Jiren for the 2nd time that the hidden power that laid dormant inside of Goku risen once more.

The limit breaker that Goku crossed allowed him to finally master Ultra Instinct. When it comes to the people Goku loves, and wanting their absolute safety and happiness, that’s what it took to unleash this limitless and un-measurable power. Now obtained, not only is Goku beyond the power level of Jiren, but also his power revivals that of the God’s of Destruction. This fight alone truly is a big reason why that Dragon Ball Super is loved by many.

Now that Dragon Ball Heroes is out now, will Goku be able to go Ultra Instinct once more? When it comes to the Dragon Ball franchise, anything is possible.

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