Hey Arnold – Cartoon Intro

One of the smartest, most fun and real animated cartoon show of all time would have to go to ‘Hey Arnold’. For those who were fortunate enough to grow up watching this television show would come to realize how great this cartoon series actually was. This was a show about kids who grew up together and solved everyday problems that we would face in the real world. Arnold ‘foot ball head’ would show kids that you should always think positive and make the right decisions no matter what.

Besides the positive message this show provided to its viewers, it was a real entertaining show to watch. This was a time where kids didn’t have to rely on the internet or cell phones to have a good time, it was all about how much fun you can have with friends, interacting with people outside. Boy have times changed, iPhone’s and PlayStation’s has taken over everyone’s social time. When will that time end? Maybe never but our imaginations never die.

Remember the great times with the intro to Hey Arnold.

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