Hit Monster Hunter Video Game Gets Anime Series

With all the success and coverage Monster Hunter has been getting, it was a no brain-er that game developer Capcom would capitalize on the popularity by creating an Anime series for it. The new series will be called Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On and it is set to premiere sometime next year in 2016. For those of you who live in Japan, the show will air on Fuji TV and will join line-ups such as other hit anime show One Piece.

Monster Hunter started to expand and grow in its popularity with the first title of the series releasing on PlayStation 2. The game was so addicting that literally hundreds of hours would go by playing without even realizing it. The popularity in Japan bled into United States territory and American fans (such as myself) were ecstatic. Later as the years went by the series expanded onto the PlayStation Portable (Hand-Held) console and to this day has become an exclusive title of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

With Capcom creating a new anime series for Monster Hunter, maybe their is light at the end of the tunnel for PlayStation 4 console owners who are still waiting to see their favorite game in high-definition glory. Until then, we shall wait and see what else Capcom has in-store for us. When it comes to Monster Hunter, any news is exciting.

Check out some intro trailers below and just imagine and gorgeous the Anime show may look like. Maybe will be introduced to a set of characters that become memorable like Naruto and Goku. Cheers to wishful thinking.

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