Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 3 Trailer


Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation is a video game for the Sony PlayStation Vita handheld console and will be released this summer in North America and Europe. If you own Sony’s latest hardware called PlayStation TV, it will also be compatible for that as well.

This game displays beautiful graphics and as a Japanese game, all artwork and character designs are reminicent of an Anime series.

Here is what Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 3: V Generation is about:

In an alternate dimension of Gamindustri, the Neptune’s have been transported. In order for our main antagonist to escape from this alternative dimension which takes place in the late 80s, Neptune has to collect shares to open up the path back to her dimension. She will go up against the Seven Sages who want to get rid of her and all of the CPUs in Gamindustri.

Check out the trailer below


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