Iron Man 3’s Mandarin: Joke or Clever Deception

The Mandarin From Iron Man

This is a short post that gets right to the point… If you are a hardcore comic book reader then this is for you. And for those who just enjoy watching comic book movies with limited knowledge about each character and their origins then consider yourself either somewhat lucky or duped.

The main villain of the movie is The Mandarin, possessor of 10 powerful rings from alien origin. The Mandarin himself is a genius but always gets outsmarted by Tony Stark. Consider The Mandarin being Tony Stark’s most notable Arch Enemies of all time compared to Batmans Joker and Spider-Mans Green Goblin.

In Iron Man 3, the entire premise of The Mandarin was literally made as a joke. Does this make the entire movie bad, maybe not but as a consumer/movie-goer, you want to enjoy and experience everything, not later find out that what you have just watched was a lie!

In the title I also mentioned ‘Clever Deception’. Only because maybe this was a setup for everyone potentially seeing the “Real” Mandarin in the Avengers 2. If this ends up being the case, in my eyes all would be forgiven.

Here is a clip of the Real Mandarin that should have been portrayed in Iron Man 3. If he was portrayed like in the clip below, I believe the movie would have gotten a 11/10!

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