Is The Movie Version of Apocalypse Menacing Enough?

We all seen the post production photos for the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse movie and we all heard the jokes, that Apocalypse looks like Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers. But even with jokes their is still an underlying tone to them, are fans actually right when they say they don’t love the character design for one the biggest villains in Marvel Comic history?

Ivan Ooze from Power Rangers X-Men

Ivan OozeI for certain am not fond of how Apocalypse looks and even sounds in the latest trailer that came out. I understand what Fox was trying to do with Apocalypse but this new character design does not convey any fear at all. Why does Apocalypse look like he’s 6 foot tall and not the size of a giant? I understand that he grows in size but come on. His base form should just be a big and bulky like is cartoon counter-part.

Comic Book version of ApocalypseDespite all the complaints that Apocalypse is getting, the movie trailer does look amazing. We may be surprised on how good the movie actually comes out. Because this is X-Men, Fox knows that they can not mess up like what they did with the Fantastic Four reboot. If they do, everyone will be clamoring together to see X-Men given back to Marvel Studios in welcoming arms.

Let’s hope that the movie actually turns out amazing. The more success comic books movies are, the more fun we get in the long run. X-Men: Apocalypse releases on May 27, 2016. Check out the trailer below.



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