Is This The United Seven For Batman v Superman Movie?

BVS: Unite The Seven

As we draw closer to the release date of March 2016 for the new Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie, newer photos are being released for characters of the supposed “seven” of the Justice League team. Earlier in 2014 we got a sneak peak of Ben Affleck in the Batsuit. After seeing the photo, all of the hate started to die down about Affleck taking the role because he actually looks great as Batman. As far how he will be when acting in the role as Batman, that is still a mystery.

A little bit after the Zack Snyder unleashed the Batman photo on to the internet, he then released a photo of Gal Gadot dressed up as Wonder Women. Reactions were mixed all over the internet, so was mine. I honestly don’t have any excitement or hate when looking at her photo. We just have to wait and see how she acts and plays the role of Wonder Women.

What really sealed the deal for DC fans was the photo of Jason Momoa as Aquaman. It’s a different take on the character design wise, but it’s an awesome step in the right direction. Besides the four members being released, an already confirmed member we are waiting to see a photo for is Cyborg, who will be played by Ray Fisher. That just leaves two more unconfirmed members. If  DC’s cinematic universe is going off of the New 52 comic series (like the picture above), then it may very well be Flash and Green Lantern.

This years comic con should be full of juicy news and surely we all will finally be graced with an actual trailer. Until then, stay tuned for more upcoming news from Animated Cartoons!

Unite The Seven Justice League Members

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