Jamie Foxx to play villain Electro in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

A lot of people are looking at this news as a bad thing without even reading the entire story. Jamie Foxx is an excellent actor who has been putting work on the big screen for plenty of years. His earlier career was only comedy but because of successful movies like Ray, Jar Head and many others, Jamie Foxx has shown that he has a lot of talent that many actors today fail to have.

A main reason people are thrown off about why Jamie Foxx is playing Electro is because the original character Electro is white or Caucasian. Just to clarify for everyone that the Electro being introduced into Spidey 2 won’t be based off of the classic comic books, but based off of the villain from The Ultimate Spider Man video game. Because this video game existed, it became perfect Trojan horse for Jamie Foxx to nab up the role of Electro.

Another question I have is will the Sinister Six be created because of the introduction of Electro? If that is the case then this movie series is sure to be an awesome treat for all fans.

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