Limitless 2011 Movie Review

Limitless was one of those sleeper hits of 2011 that snuck into theaters without much noise. With better marketing this movie would have been a much bigger success. Though a lifetime gross total of $161,849,455 at the box office for global sales is not such a small feet at all.

Despite the whimper release Limitless was a fantastic action-thriller adventure. It’s about a man named Eddie Morra (played by Bradley Cooper) who is an out-of-work writer that has no motivation in life. He is portrayed as a lazy individual just barely getting by in life, a person who can’t meet deadlines and can’t keep up with his relationship which eventually starts to fail him.

NZT Pill from LimitlessEverything seems like a dead-end to him until he meets a long time friend, a very well put together individual that is oozing with success. This friend offers Eddie a pill which is an experimental drug named NZT. Little did Eddie know that this simple pill will change his life forever. NZT is a pill that can open all the existing neuro-pathways of the mind and can utilize 100% potential of the brain.

Once Eddie took the pill, their was no looking back. He could see things that he has never seen before, serve up memories from his subconscious at will. Solve problems at light speed, and calculate complicated numbers like it was simply child’s play. Eddies motivations, ambitions, and visions for the future had sky rocketed and he was on the path to success.

Being able to process thoughts and solve problems at a blistering pace allowed Eddie Morra to stumble-upon an individual named Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro) who is a big shot business mogul. Carl would like Eddie to join him to help him expand his empire to help him make billions. Little does Carl know that Eddie has other plans.

Limitless 2011 Recall VisionDespite all the success that Eddie encounters comes the draw backs. The friend that gave him the pill forgot to mention that because NZT is an experimental drug, their are side-effects that had to be worked out. Side-effects like any other drug that causes problems once abused and not taken in moderation. With his new drug problem, having hit men after him, and other people looking to get their hands on the NZT drug, Eddie Morra has to become clever enough survive life itself.

With a slew of movies that released in 2011 and even to this day, Limitless is still a breath of fresh air. Not only is Limitless entertaining to watch but it puts you in the mind-frame of what if “you” had your hands on the NZT pill. The scenes where Eddie Morra is using NZT is directed so well that it gets you constantly thinking and engaged with the character.

Limitless is available on Bluray and DVD as well as streaming services like Netflix. You can watch the direct sequel in the form of a show (Limitless 2015) that appears Tuesdays at 10pm on CBS.

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  • Such an amazing movie. I would have preferred a direct sequel instead of that lookwarm TV series they came out with. Overall limitless was an excellent movie.

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