Man Of Steel: Movie Review

Man Of Steel is the biggest blockbuster of the year. After years and years of waiting for a great Super Man movie, it has finally arrived. This movie is leaps and bounds better than ‘Super Man Returns’ and does not disappoint one bit. Did you want a better story? You got it. Did you want more action? You got it. Zack Snyder (director) over delivers and does a successful job in bringing his vision and art style to the big screen.


destruction of kryptonThe movie starts out with a story that many are unfamiliar with and that is the origin story of Krypton, birth place of Kal-El (earth name is Clark Kent played by Henry Cavill). The planet Krypton is facing imminent destruction and General Zod (the villain of the movie played by Michael Shannon) stages an uprising where he tries to take full control over Krypton and its people. Before the destruction of planet Krypton can take place, Jor-El (played by Russel Crowe) attempts to save his only son by sending him to earth.

General Zod and FaoraGeneral Zod’s short lived uprising and killing spree led to him and his forces to being locked away into the phantom zone (which later re-opens due to the explosion of the planet). Before I can continue let me tell you this… the CGI and story of planet Krypton was simply mind bending and amazing! Not only did we get to see the world of Krypton but also what life was like on such an advanced planet with technology dating 15,000 years ahead of earth.

The story and the vision of this planet should had been replicated for the failed attempt of a movie called Green lantern. After this summer blockbuster, I would not be surprised if Zack Snyder oversees the production of the remake for  Green Lantern (since the ‘green’ light has been given to him for Man of Steel 2 and Justice League).

Man of Steel - High DefinitionOn earth Clark Kent is grown up and as the story progresses he has flashbacks of his childhood. Flashbacks on times where he had to learn that he is not from this planet and lessons on how to deal with having powers and having a responsibility of keeping it a secret. Clark constantly fought with choosing between saving people vs having his identity revealed. Eventually Clark Kent has learned to accept his fate and became one with who he is and that person is an Alien from Krypton (Super Man).

Jor-El’s consciousness was embedded into a ‘key’ that was sent with Clark’s ship as a baby and was used to activate a giant vessel (on earth) that now replaces the ‘fortress of solitude’ we all have grown to know. In this huge ship (that was said to be on earth for 20,000 years) Jor-El was able to tell Clark about his origins and the coming threat from General Zod. Also Jor-El (through the ‘key’) created and designed a blue ‘battle suit’ that has a red cape and (a big red ‘S’) the house of El symbol on the chest.

Zod vs Kal-elOn the immediate arrival of General Zod and the exiled Kryptons on earth, the action and drama begins. The invasion Zod led looked like the movie Independence Day where the great battle between the US Military and the Alien Forces took place. The city of Metropolis looked just like New York City and got destroyed like it too. The fight scenes were stellar and very dynamic. Just like the movie Sucker Punch, Zack Snyder was able to get extra creative with the fight choreography and the CGI.

If you ever watched the WB cartoon series/movies of Super Man, World’s Finest or Justice League Unlimited you are in for a joyous ride! The fight between Super Man vs Faora and Super Man vs Zod will remind you of the best action scenes you would think are only capable in the cartoon shows. Characters getting knocked through buildings, hand to hand combat, explosions, eye beam frenzies, the ground being destroyed every time ‘flight’ was initiated, I mean everything was being thrown at you on the big screen!

Zack Snyder is known for being an actual comic book director who stays true to the source material and art style. That is why critics and many non-comic book movie goers will NOT like or understand his movies.

Super Man Optic BlastThe final battle between General Zod and Super Man will remind you of the Neo vs Agent Smith’s fight in the Matrix Revolutions but taken to a level that’s over 9000! The destruction of Metropolis rivals that of New York City in the Avengers and the fight scenes as mentioned before are breathtaking. The simple moment that I enjoyed the most was the scene when Zod (in front of super man) was removing his armor (telepathically) and becoming one with his powers as he hovered in the air. This was very reminiscent of anime scenes where the villain ‘stops fooling around’ and gets serious.

If you are looking for a movie with non stop action, then this is the movie for you. Man of Steel has a serious tone but stays true to its roots as being a comic book movie 1st and then a movie based on real life. Lex Luther no-doubtingly will be in the sequel as he supposedly owns more then half of the now destroyed Metropolis. Easter Eggs were also dropped all over the film with Lex Corp being visible on an oil tanker as well as Bruce Wayne’s satellite being destroyed. Clark’s relationship with Lois Lane was great to see and will surely be explored more in the coming sequel.

I give this movie a 9.5/10 . The movie was very long but makes up for it with a fantastic story, top notch action and cinematography you will only see from Zack Snyder!

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