Marvel Comics Presents The Avengers Item 47

The Avengers has to be one of biggest blockbusters this summer (2012) to ever grace the movie scene. Fans and new comic book fans agree that the build up to this great movie was very well done. 1st we had The Incredible Hulk, then it was Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America. In all these movies they had tie-ins where Nick Fury, leader of Shield would intervene with a small cameo appearance. All cameos were connected hinting at a potential team up that would rock the comic book world. And so it did. The Avengers ripped the box office in half all over the world. And with the introduction of Thanos at the end, Disney and Marvel Comics surely have alot of questions to fill for everyone.

Speeding things up back to The Avengers, for those who seen the movie can notice 1 thing… their were no spoils or ‘easter eggs’ in this movie. Besides the obvious Thanos ending after the credits, their was nothing left to play with for the imagination of comic book fans. Item 47 is looking to change all of that. After the great battle with Loki and the cosmic army of darkness vs The Avengers, their had to be ‘spoils of war’ left behind and Item 47 is one of them. What it is, ┬áis still unknown. But be sure to stay tuned to the fall of 2012 to find out.

Poster below:

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