Naruto Breaking The Seal For The First Time

Here is one of the very intense battles when Naruto starts to break the seal. This scene in my opinion was the icing on the cake for the series. Because at the very beginning of the show we were told that Naruto has Kyuubi (The 9 Tails Fox demon) trapped inside of his body. What that meant for Naruto, we didn’t know until now.

In this battle, Naruto is teamed up with Sasuke as they battle Haku, inside of his (her*) ice prism. Just like in every Anime series, the emotion of Anger triggers great power. In Naruto’s case, it triggers his inner demon which is Kyuubi. The animation for this fight scene was amazing, the illustrations to show Naruto’s rage and ferocity was on point. Not alot of cartoon or Anime series look to innovate, but this scene did right here.

How will Haku fair against Naruto when transformed? Is Naruto strong enough to save Sasuke and escape Haku’s ice prism? Stay tuned!


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