Naruto Shippuden: Guy Death Gate 8 vs Six Paths Uchiha Madara (Full Fight)

One of the top 5 fights in Naruto in my opinion would have to be Might Guy taking on Uchiha Madara in a battle to the death! With Naruto and Sasuke unconscious at the moment, it’s up to Guy to take it upon himself to fight Madara. In order to be on Madara’s Six Path’s level he has to unlock all eight gates which releases a red vapor. The final gate magnifies the users abilities by 10 fold, in Guy’s case he has become the strongest taijutsu user on the entire show and will always be considered an opponent not to mess with.

Will Guy’s power be enough to stop Madara from getting his 2nd eye (the Rennigan) back, and will Madara unlock his third eye power and be successful in putting the entire world in a trance? Find out from the video clip below.

Guy vs Uchiha Madara

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