Naruto Shippuden: Pain vs Naruto (Full Fight English Dub) Video

In one of the most epic showdowns and engaging story lines in the history of the Naruto Shippuden anime series, Naruto takes on Pain. The name Pain is just an alias, the real name of the descendant of the Uzumaki clan is none other than Nagato.

Nagato (Pain) is not your ordinary villain, through his eyes what he wanted for the Shinobi world was peace. In order to obtain this peace, he formed Akatsuki. His goal was to bring about peace to the world by any means necessary, and that means killing all those who oppose his plans.

At an earlier age, Nagato’s parents were killed by ninja from the Konoha village. In retalliation, using the Rinnegan that Uchiha Madara gave to him, he avenged the death of his parents by killing those Ninja. Making it his first time killing anyone.

With the death of his child hood friend Yahiko, Nagato’s idea for peace became corrupted. He realized that the world will always be at war. With his ultimate power of the Rinnegan and mastery of ninjitsu, by force he will bring about his version of peace.

The shows hero Naruto was not having it. Naruto too wants peace but not through tyrannical means, but through diplomacy. If diplomacy fails, Naruto will do what ever it takes to protect those who can’t protect themselves, especially his beloved Konoha village.

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