Naruto: Team 7 Defeats And Seals Kaguya

Kagura Gets Sealed

It is finally done, In Chapter 689 in the Naruto Manga, Kaguya (the Chakra stealing demon) has finally been sealed by Naruto and Sasuke. With the team work and cooperation of everyone in Team 7, it was all made possible to defeat Kaguya. The game completely changed when Obito lends not only his sharingan powers to Kakashi Sensei, but his sage powers as well. Kakashi was able to create perfect susanoo and use Obito’s “void” technique which helped clinch the deal against Kaguya.

The character that everyone loves and hates at the same time would have to be Sakura. Not because she’s totally useless at times but because she was able to help the team seal away Kaguya by landing a almighty “falcon punch” in the back of Kaguya’s head, where the blind spot of the Byakugan lies. Besides Kaguya being a totally useless villain who I see may be potentially miss understood, chapter 689 in the Manga was totally worth it!


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