Naruto vs Sasuke – The Battle at Valley’s End

Naruto and Sasuke have one of the most epic duels of the series. Both best friends who eventually ended up bitter enemies are having a final duel that concludes the child hood series (Naruto) and brings them closer to the current Shippuden series that takes place 2.5 years later.

Besides this fight scene being great, Naruto and Sasuke both push each other to the limit. Sasuke is the reason for Naruto leaking his seal twice, especially in this fight scene when Naruto goes 2 tails. And Naruto is the reason that Sasuke wanted to get better and to achieve more power by submitting to Orochimaru’s training which also got him the ‘Cursed Seal’.

None the less, this fight scene signaled that these two will eventually have one last fight to end this conflict, even if one person has to die in the process.


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  • for all ages, stories uslulay always good, interesting, you dont see what they show on any other cartoon or tv show or movie take bleach or Zero no tsukaima or naruto for instance, all with great stories and you never see anything like those on any type of television other than in japan. Funny depending on what your watching, for example sekirei or ah my buddha! are both funny but also serious at times. Plus im learning japanese so it actually helps alot to watch anime since it gives me help with pronunciation as well as learning new words

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