Nickelodeon 90s Faceoff – Rocko vs Doug

Growing up watching cartoons in the 90s was such a fun event to do right after you finished doing home work. Most of my favorite 90s cartoons came from watching Nickelodeon and the top two cartoons were definitely Rocko’s Modern Life and Doug.

My vote would have to go with Rocko’s Modern Life because the show was just more fun and adventurous then the linear life of Doug in school with his friends. Don’t get me wrong I love the cartoon show ‘Doug’ because I admired the funky drawing styles and how colorful each and every character was. Especially there unique names like “Patty Mayonnaise”.

What was your favorite cartoon of the 90s? Nickelodeon is having a contest and its down to the quarter-finals. Who will come out on top? You can help decide.

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