Ninjai: The Little Ninja Returns (2015) Trailer

The flash animated mini series Ninjai: The Little Ninja has returned and will be animated in full HD. The little Ninjai was first released in the early 2000’s I believe around 2004 – 2005 to be exact, and I remember watching these short episode clips in college during break with friends. It is awesome that after more than 10 years later we are now getting a brand new show. Whether its a full movie or another mini-series is unknown at the moment but what ever it is, fans of the series will be in for a treat. With the internet user base much larger than it was 10 years ago and the emergence of social media, I hope this show get’s all the recognition it deserves.

Check out the teaser trailer below:


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  • I used to love this series and I have been looking for them for well over a decade. I don’t understand why development stopped in the middle and I don’t understand why they are no longer available. I wish the original series would be made public again and I really hope this news about a reboot is true.

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