Nitroplus Blasterz Game Play Footage for PlayStation 4

Anime fans who are also gamers will be delighted to hear about the release of Nitroplus Blasterz which is coming to a gaming console near you. Currently making a big splash in Japanese arcades, fans will now get the opportunity to play Nitroplus Blasterz on PS3 and PS4.

All the fighters in the game are female and have flawless character models. If you have played any of the Guilty Gear games, you will automatically be reminded of how brilliant the action was and how flashy the graphics displayed. In Nitroplus Blasterz the graphics are just as beautiful and the action is just as fast. Beautiful ladies with ultimate power-ups, excellent graphics, and fast paced action, how could you go wrong?

This game is available now in Japan and can be purchased through Great for gamers who currently live in the United States and want to play this amazing game without restriction. Check out the exciting game play below.

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