Pokemon – Pikachu vs Raichu AMV

I still don’t understand why Pokemon trainers would force these cute and lovable creatures to fight each other. It’s even worst when they are captured and forced to live inside of a Poke Ball. But enough with the logic! Ignoring all the animal cruelty, Pokemon is an exciting and action packed cartoon! Who hasn’t grown up playing a single Pokemon game or has ever forgotten the Team Rocket entrance by Jessie and James? Yes I do remember their names lol!

Pikachu is one superly over powered rat, cat, rabbit thing that’s yellow and everyone loves him. Pika Pika is one of the only Pokemon that Ash equipped that never transformed into the evolution state. At the end of the day, Pikachu never needed too. Every weak Pokemon that transformed received a huge power boost. But Pikachu may be of another breed or from another planet… maybe like Mewtwo? Anyway Pikachu may have never evolved but his fight power and skill did. Almost like how Super Saiyans grow stronger with every battle, so did Pikachu.

Enjoy this very cool AMV that features the beloved Pikachu and his evolved rival… Raichu. Enjoy



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