Pokémon Starter Squad – Charmander & Squirtel

With the success of the hit new mobile app game Pokémon Go, everyone on the planet has become a fan. Everything involving Pokémon as of late has been getting attention including classic Pokémon video games, animated cartoons, comic books, toys, merchandise, and much more.

A cartoon called Starter Squad (created by Youtuber Shippiddge) has been getting more attention as of late and his work came out over four years ago.  His series has spawned over many episodes which are all fun and entertaining to watch. In the first episode below you meet with Charmander, Squirtel, and Bulbasaur who are looking to be chosen by Ash who is a Pokémon trainer.

If you are already familiar with the original games or the show from the 90’s you will automatically understand the plot. Shippiddge has put his own interested twist on how you can view Pokémon. Enjoy the episode below.

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