Rooster Teeth Presents New Anime Series RWBY

Rooster Teeth Presents RWBY sm

A new series has hit the web and lets say that its not your ordinary anime series. This new anime series is created by the man who brought us Dead Fantasy and Haloid, Monty Oum. If you don’t know Monty Oum by now then you must be living in cave, his art style and direction looks to be based off of combining video games and anime together.

Notably RPG and Action games like Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaiden as well as Anime like Full Metal Alchemist and Naruto. With the combination of two very popular genres, there is no way you can go wrong… right? Well it looks to be that way because RWBY looks absolutely stunning and the creativity with top notch choreography looks fantastic!

Check out the 4 character trailers below and enjoy!

RWBY RED Trailer

RWBY Red Trailer Photo 3

RWBY Red Trailer Photo 2



RWBY While Trailer Photo 2

RWBY While Trailer Photo 1



RWBY Black Trailer Photo 2

RWBY Black Trailer Photo 1



RWBY Yellow Trailer Photo 2

RWBY Yellow Trailer Photo 1

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